Wednesday, November 5, 2014

An Open Letter to Congress and President Obama

Here is my hope for the Republican members of Congress:

Well, you did it. You now have an opposition Congress, and the means to thwart everything the President may want to do; instead of merely some of it. Now, I'll be the first to admit that President Obama's track record, especially of late, has been sort of turd-like. That said; I hope that the somewhat reasonable tone of Sen. McConnell's address today carries the weight for the party. I hope that, instead of opposing everything that comes out of the Oval just because you don't like him, and never will, that you attempt to find common ground. There is some. Tax relief is a good place to start. I hope that the the moderate voices in your midst can be the catalyst of reason in the party, rather than sticking with the mouth-breathing vitriol the Tea Party has been spewing. I hope that you don't inexorably trample on women. Leave Rowe alone. I hope that when you propose laws, that they aren't just poison pills, extortion, or blackmail just to stick it to the President. I hope that you propose laws that the President will sign, because I think you both can find that space. And for God's sake, put serious people up for 2016. Get Palin out the back door as fast as you can. The Tea Party is killing the kind of conservatism that could actually do some good.

And, Mr. President? Shame on you. For putting yourself and your administration and the country in a position where they have had to spend all their time thwarting you. For being, what seems to many, an arrogant jerk. For putting a personal mandate in your healthcare plan. For not REALLY healing race relations. You, of anyone, were in a position to go for that point seriously, but yet you still listen to the likes of Al Sharpton. For financial reforms that were weak-minded and only marginally effective. For dropping the ball on reasonable and effective immigration reform. For catering to big corporations (seen my power bill??). For frightening an entire nation into frenzy about personal privacy and Net neutrality; you're supposed to be on OUR side with that stuff. You pissed off too many people. People that voted for you. Twice, in my case. They let you know how they felt yesterday, and they handed you an opposition Congress. Good luck getting any Senate-confirmable appointments done now. Think twice before whipping out your veto pen, they'll stick it in your face and make you look bad doing it. And stop calling this country a democracy. It's not. You're the President. You should know what a federated, constitutional democratic republic is. You've damaged your presidency. You've made the next two years a potentially very dark time in this country. You've dealt a body blow to your party's chances to keep the Oval in 2016. Like the Republicans, I beg you, find serious people to run in 2016. Hillary Clinton is not your man.

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