Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Rays Excitement!

(3/26/08) I gotta tell you, I'm geeked for the Rays this year. I have to go on record before Opening Day with my predictions. So, I'm being bold this year:

Record: 83-79 (.512)
Place: 3rd, 16 games out of first, and 11 games behind the 2nd place Yankees.

I've seen predictions as high as 88 wins, which is not unthinkable; but it would mean that Kaz would have to be healthy all year, and Rocco Baldelli would also have to have a great year, and that the top 3 in the rotation (Kazmir, Shields, Garza) would all have to win more than 15 games. I think Troy Percival is good for 8-12 wins and 45 saves, Reyes is good for 5 wins and 10-15 saves in a long-close and setup role, E-J will probably win 8-12, and if Sonnanstine, Howell, and Hammel can combine for 10-15 wins, we're there. I think CC is a safe bet for .290, 40-55 steals; I think Evan Longoria should have made the starting Opening Day roster. He's only going to be down in Durham long enough so that his arbitration and free agent eligibility clock doesn't start this year. A CRIME, I tell you. Bonehead move, coach, you probably cost him Rookie of the Year...

The Rays have the biggest impact on the AL East of any team. Why? 23.4% of their games are against the Yankees and the Red Sox. Well, guess what? Our record against the Yanks in the last 40 games? 20-20. They fear our bats, and they don't have the pitching they had last year. The Sox are a powerhouse for sure, but I ain't afraid of no Yankees...

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