Thursday, May 4, 2006

10th Anniversary Blog

Today is my 10th wedding anniversary! Wow. Never thought I’d ever see that! Mostly because I never figured to find anyone who could put up with me for that long! But, she does. My wife Bonnie (here is her blog) is the greatest. We met where I work, and she hated me. But, with cunning and guile, I finally wooed her successfully. She is a stay at home Mommy; and I think that’s the hardest job in the world. Those of you spending your day in an office or something, you think you have it bad? Try being a full time Mom. Beyond the mundane things like constant attention being paid to the little one, no break unless the little one naps, (and even then you’re using the time to play catch up), keeping the house together, dealing with boo-boos, doctors, being the Entertainment Committee, teacher, nurse, bodyguard, counselor, zoo master, and sometimes out and out ringleader, there is the pressure of the awesome responsibility you face as a parent, to make sure your little one is the best person he or she can be. It’s up to you to determine where that little person ends up, you shape what they believe, what they think, and what they like and dislike.. And to make matters worse? It’s a 24-7 job. I have a hard, demanding job, and I come home tired, but the simple truth is that I get to divert my brain elsewhere for 8 hours. I do my part when I get home, to be sure, but Mom’s day is never really over. And rarely do Moms get the recognition and respect they so richly deserve.

That’s just one reason why my wife is the best. She also encourages all my nutty hobbies, and gives me the space to do them. She serves as confidant, critic, manager, co-producer, creative consultant, chief butt kicker, and appreciative audience.

She’s a killer cook, and an exceptional creative mind; she makes beautiful jewelry, and does all manner of arts and crafts both for herself and with our daughter.

Best of all? She loves me. And that takes some doing.

So, Bug, thanks for the best 10 years of my life, and here’s to 50 more!

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DonF said...

Phil: A belated "happy anniversary" from Don in California!